17th April, 2017

  • Happiness Talks – Spreading Mass Happiness

“Happiness Talks lived its purpose again this April” said Rehan Naeem. It’s a proud moment for us to have delivered the fifth CSR event in the year of giving 2017 to spread mass happiness and have people adopt and spread happiness around them.

This month happiness talks had two main speakers Dr Samineh Shaheem and Eiman Al Khateeri following their regular format and a special guest Mr Othman Al Madani – Director of Happiness of the Minister of State of Happiness Office.

Othman Al Madani spoke briefly and invited everyone to join and spread the Friends of Happiness initiative started by the UAE’s Programme for Happiness and Positivity. He said happiness is everyone’s job and we all must choose to be happy but also play a role in making the community a happier place. The Friends of Happiness is an initiative that invites everyone to be a part and share ideas, skills or an affinity for giving.

The event continued with the first speaker Eiman Al Khateeri who spoke to the audience about the tools for happiness. She introduced her 3 P’s formula that focuses on Purpose, Positivity and Productivity that go hand in hand and leads to a happy life. Reflecting on His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s words “to take risk and fail is not a failure. Real failure is to fear taking risks” she concluded that we distort our happiness in the fear of the future and fear of failing, which must change. We should live in the moment and be happy now.

The next speaker Dr Samineh Shaheem had a powerful impact on the audience through her effective happiness hacks. She stressed that we keep upgrading our phones and apps but how much time do we spend in thinking about and upgrading our cognitive app?

She said that Happiness is not an adjective, rather it is found in moments and experiences and needs to be created.

Dr Samineh stressed on rewiring the negativity bias and develop the brain to mindfully thrust and thive instead of being fearful and survive. She left the audience in AWE by asking them to focus more on PUSITIVITY rather than Positivity so to take a moment to rest and reflect on all that you are grateful for.

The highlight of the evening was the adoption exercise that is also an integral part of the Happiness Talks. The event moderator Ghanim Al Falasi asked the attendees to write down the name of a person they are most grateful too and write a statement why. He asked for volunteers to come up and to their surprise, call the person right away and read their words out to them to express their gratitude towards them. The volunteers called and expressed gratitude live to the person. The receiver and the audience were deeply touched by this gesture.

“We must be grateful all the time for all that we have around us, for us to happy to make people happy. Gratitude is one of the main factors of happiness and it has phenomenal effects when practiced” said Rehan Naeem

Happiness Talks is a monthly CSR event supporting the national programme for happiness and positivity in creating happiness as a lifestyle within community.

In the year of giving 2017, giving happiness tools and tips to make people and the community happy is the objective of Happiness Talks said Adnan Butt