15th March, 2017

  • Happiness Talks – A Weapon of Mass Happiness

This March Happiness Talks collaborated with the World Speech Day to spread happiness not just in the UAE but across the globe. Now tag-lined as a “Weapon of Mass Happiness”, Happiness talks is a CSR initiative, a free to attend event to support the “UAE Happiness Initiative” and the “Year of Giving” to spread true inner happiness amongst the community here in the U.A.E.

Simon Gibson the founder and organizer of the World Speech Day congratulated Happiness Talks in conducting such a spectacular event from Dubai. He said that “world speech day has been a huge hit worldwide with more than 80 countries participating and conducting hundreds of events. So often people think of a city or a region’s contribution in terms of wealth, but the world speech day has shown that in future its true worth will be in the value of its ideas. Happiness Talks from Dubai was an example of just that. Sharing their experiences and need for happiness and giving to make the country and the world a better place was received so well by thousands who were glued to the sessions conducted from Dubai.”

Ghanim Al Falasi – SVP People Happiness Department at Dubai Silicon Oasis mentioned that “we are in the process of creating a weapon of mass happiness. Happiness Talks and all the speakers that share their tips and tools are the reactors. We want to go to the masses with happiness message and live the vision of our leadership to Make UAE the happiest country on earth.”

Rehan Naeem – Chief Happiness Enabler @ Touch Points “what started as an initiative to support Happiness Initiative in the UAE has now gone global” We are pleased to be a part of this from the U.A.E and to spread true happiness amongst the community here in the UAE and globally. Happiness for everyone is our agenda and we will keep working on it”

Adnan Butt – Managing Director @ Touch Points said that “Happiness Talks will continue to spread the word of happiness and facilitate people here in the UAE and across the globe. We are on a mission and will only be motivated to do more and more as we go. There are many reactors waiting to be unleased as we go”

In the fourth event of its series to support Happiness Initiative in the year of giving fifteen speakers took stage on the 15th of March through the platform of Happiness Talks to share their voices for Happiness and Giving to make U.A.E and the world a better place. The speakers included students and faculty from RIT Dubai, who were keen to contribute to the spreading happiness initiative.

“Involving students and their thoughts to make a difference in the community here and the world felt so good and motivating” said Mashal Waqar a student at RIT Dubai.

“We had a chance to speak our heart out and make a contribution to make the UAE and the world a better place. We want to do more” said Hannah Shibu another student at RIT Dubai.

Reg Athwal a world renowned public speaker, author and entrepreneur was the main speaker who awed the audience with his talk about “Unleashing their DNA of Happiness”. His stories and tips about the need for people to explore and unleash their internal and external happiness left the audience with self exploration to find their inner happiness.

Happiness talks is a free to attend event and would be happy to have more people to be a part of this community. For more information on future events visit their page @www.happinesstalks.ae or Facebook page Happiness Talks.