15th February, 2017

  • Continues to spread happiness during "The Year of Giving"

The third event of Happiness Talks continues to spread happiness in the community as a CSR in the “Year of Giving” and to support the of the U.A.E Happiness Initiative.

Following the regular pattern, Happiness Talks had two powerful speakers who took stage and shared with the people simple yet powerful neuroscience based tools and techniques that will assist in how to be happy, remain happy and make the world around them happy.

The first speaker of the evening Kimi Sokhi – A personal and corporate wellbeing expert commenced the evening addressing the audience the relevance and significance of employee engagement and wellbeing.

She pointed out three major questions to the audience that would perhaps define their happiness and engagement levels both at work and in their day to day lives.

Kimi brought about awareness amongst the people the need to identify their values, why are they being cared for, are they being loved; why should all these feelings really need to matter, to whom should it matter and their real meaning in life!

In pursuit of a happier work life she asked the people to reflect on the shared values in their organisation and make efforts to align themselves accordingly. She shared some vital tips what Leaders could perhaps use in their organisation to ensure that the three major questions are attended to and people are engaged and nurturing the happiness factor at their work and in their daily lives.

An alignment of employee and company values is the recipe for engagement and success she concluded.

The second speaker Jennifer Randive – a Change Catalyst mesmerized the audience by making them the Chief Engagement Officers of their Happiness. “How can it get better than that?” she questioned.

The only barrier between you and your happiness is ‘YOU’ she said. Since happiness is an inside job the more you BE it, the more you can receive through it is what she made the audience understand and adopt.

Inviting a few from the audience turn by turn, she made them to choose to be happy and eliminate their barriers to a happy lifestyle.

Seena Prasad an Attendee, who volunteered to choose, commented “Thank you for giving the spark to my life; this will surely transform my life both personally and professionally”

Acknowledging that you are and being who you are is where it starts. We do not acknowledge ourselves and expect people to acknowledge us? How is that even possible? she questioned!

The attendees left positively influences to practice the tips acquired to be happy.

An attendee said “the session is an eye opener and I have already realized how I am stopping myself from being happy. Right now, right here, I choose to let go of it and be happy and would ensure that I remind myself every time anything gets in the way of my happiness”

Samir Al Battashi, Senior Manager at Dubai Silicon Oasis commented, “During the event the speaker made me identify some of the real things I can do to invest in my happiness. Being called on stage and acknowledging me and being recognized for my work was the happiest moment. My family received me in a relaxed state of mind and happier than usual”.

During the conclusion of both sessions, the two speakers had a Q&A session which resulted in more clarity on how and what one would change in their lives in pursuit of nurturing happiness for themselves and also bringing about happiness to all around them at work and personal life.