9th January, 2017

  • Happiness Talks - Second event highlights.

The first speaker of the day to give people a true view of Happiness was Roberto Re, an international author, media personality and a very popular peak performance coach. He gave people 10 strategies they use in their daily lives simplify their thinking and to increase their level of happiness. He said people not living in the present and not know what they really want are the main factors that affect their happiness levels.

Eva Kovak, a sports psychologist and consultant for workplace health and wellbeing at 24aLife was the next speaker of the evening. Her talk focused on the significance of health for happiness, with a focus on how stress has a strong impact on our health and happiness.

Starting with giving people awareness about the bodily, behavioral and mental symptoms of stress, she focused on giving the audience tips on how to manage stress in their daily lives for better health and happiness levels.