12th December, 2016

  • Happiness Talk – Spreading happiness event was launched

The event started with a session by Ghanim Bin Lahej Al Falasi (SVP People Happiness Department, Innovation & Supply Management - Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority), who introduced his concept of Total Happiness.

Speaking about the importance of Happiness in our lives and workplaces, he started of with most agreed upon definitions of happiness, why happiness is important in our lives and workplaces, and stressed on the importance of identifying ones happiness curve.

The next speaker of the launch event was Rehan Naeem (Director for Corporate Happiness - Touch Points) who took stage to speak about Happy Mindsets.

With stories and real life examples from our daily lives and research on science and neuroscience of happiness, he demonstrated how our self developed Negative Mindset shape our brains to think negative first, and how it influences our behavior making us unhappier, unhealthy and unsuccessful.

He stressed on the brains phenomenal ability to Re-Wire itself from a negative mindset to a positive and happy mindset. Happy Mindsets he said is the lifestyle one needs to adopt for inner, sustainable and long-term happiness. He proved through research and examples that is not rocket science but just skills one needs to develop become "Happiness Resilient".