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Happiness is certainly not an option. Everyone wants to be happy, and be happy all the time. It is a very basic and an undeniable human requirement. It is a reality that must be enabled in you to be a happy person for the good of yourself and others, in organisations to achieve better business results and in communities to be a happy country.

Developing a "Happy Mindset" is where it needs to start otherwise Happiness remains just an event that is short lived, not consistent and definitely not a lifestyle.


In support of the “U.A.E Happiness initiative” to connect the community through Happiness in the “Year of the Giving 2017”, The Spreading Happiness Team: Vonni Events, Touch Points Consultancy and Marsam Mattar have collaborated to bring to the community, “Happiness Talks – Spreading Happiness”

If you are looking to enable a "Happy Mindset" for inner and sustainable happiness rather than a happy event for a short lived pleasure or joy this is the place to be.


On a monthly basis at Happiness Talks we will share with you thought provoking sessions by industry and topic experts, who will give you tips, tools and techniques using the science and neuroscience of happiness, to develop a happy mindset and live a happy lifestyle.

Become a part of this unique initiative to attain and spread happiness as a mindset and a lifestyle.

Past Events Highlights

Thank you for giving the spark to my life; this will surely transform my life both personally and professionally

- Seena Prasad | an Attendee -

During the event the speaker made me identify some of the real things I can do to invest in my happiness. Being called on stage and acknowledging me and being recognized for my work was the happiest moment. My family received me in a relaxed state of mind and happier than usual.

- Samir Al Battashi | Senior Manager at Dubai Silicon Oasis -

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Global Views



Learn about Science and Neuroscience of Happiness


Enable a happy lifestyle by further developing your happiness levels


Learn and engage with local and global happiness experts


Discover what makes you happy


Become a happiness reactor- by becoming part of the spreading happiness team


Hardwire your brain and develop happy mindsets

Happiness Spreading Team

We are a team of like-minded thinkers, crazy innovators, masters of crafts, enthusiastic enthusiasts, fearless experimentalists - that are stronger together.

Adnan Butt

Managing + Director for Results - Touch Points

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Ghanim Al Falasi

SVP People Happiness, Innovation, Supply Chain – DSOA

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Rehan Naeem

Director of Corporate Happiness - Touch Points

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happiness quotes

“ Positivity is a way of thinking, and Happiness is a lifestyle”. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
"Happiness Is Not Something Ready Made. It Comes From Your Own Actions." Dalai Lama
"Action May Not Always Bring Happiness; But There Is No Happiness Without Action."Benjamin Disraeli

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